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It hasn’t been that long since SANDRATZ came onto the music scene here in South Florida and they’re already tearing everything to shreds. Opening to some of the greatest bands to ever exist like Dead Milkmen and Agent Orange. It’s great to see a garage punk band (extra emphasis on the punk) that scares hipster Wynwood kids back to their Miami trust-fund acquired apartments in visceral fear. The reason? Believe it or not Miami, the truth is, Ft. Lauderdale is grittier than you. How gritty you ask? A few years ago I saw an older woman in a wheelchair with no legs and one arm giving some dude head right on Sunrise Blvd. Broad daylight. Not a fuck given.

You see, this is what SANDRATZ brings to the musical equation in South Florida- Grit. Gnarly as fuck good times with zero fucks given. I recently sat with the boys to get to the bottom of what makes the SANDRATZ the greatest thing out of Ft. Lauderdale since hip hop super group Death Jam.

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Who the fuck are you and where do you come from?
We are SANDRATZ, a punk rock band from the beautiful state of South Florida. We are from Snort Liquordale (party city), mostly.

What’s the shittest thing about South Florida?
Just one thing? Sketchy People, sketchy drugs, corruption, SANDRATZ, buses, old people, the heat (but not The Heat), humidity and pirates.

The best thing?
Just one thing? Geographic isolation, the weirdos that live here, Cuban coffee, Rich Davis, “the man inside your radio”, fried fish balls and pirates.


SANDRATZ open for the Dead Milkmen April 11th at Grand Central in Miami.

What is each member’s favorite album of all time?
Ryan J. Black (Guitar, Backing Vocals)- Man or Astroman? Eeviac: Operational Index & Reference Guide.
Casidy Moser (Bass Guitar)- Ramones Leave Home.
Ian Brown (Vocals)- David Bowie Station to Station.
Jesus Arteaga (Guitar)- The Jimi Hendrix Experience Axis: Bold as Love. Chuck Loose (Drums)- Germs GI.

SANDRATZ you may pick only one- Surfboard, skateboard or inline skates?
Inline Skates. Just kidding. We pick skateboard every time. The swells in our ocean are so weak you might as well strap on some fruit boots while you’re trying to boogie board down the beach – it would be more fun.

How’s it feel to be opening for the legendary Dead Milkmen in Miami?
Pretty sweet. WE’RE STOKED. On one hand it feels like an honor, and on the other it just feels right – like grabbing your cock when you’re bored. They’re perfect weirdos just like we are, so anything other than that just would not feel right.

What are the 3 best hangout spots in South Florida?
1. The bathroom at Churchill’s pub.
2. Radioactive Records OR The Circus Bowl.
3. The line for a sub at Publix Supermarket OR The Poorhouse OR The Monterrey

What’s the shadiest thing you’ve witnessed in the local music scene?
There’s a lot of theft and lies and bad drug deals. Someone stole Casidy’s bass from Ian’s car. Also, all of Ian’s CDs. Also, Casidy’s last cheeseburger. That was lame.

SANDRATZ will be on tour with Slovenly recording artistés NEW COKE in April along the east coast of these United States.

They were also voted the #1 thing to do this weekend (03/07-03/09/2014) on Broward New Times – Five Things to Do Under $5 This Weekend

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