South Florida’s Premier Punk Rock DJ – DJ Skidmark!

Responsible, handsome - what is DJ Skidmark's secret life like?
Responsible, handsome – what is DJ Skidmark’s secret life like? (Photo from DJ Skidmark’s Facebook)

There’s a pretty good chance that Mark Noonan — also known as DJ Skidmark — has a responsible and upwardly mobile daytime persona/career. With a patented coif of perfect hair that has been alternatively the source of jealousy for Conan O’Brien and David Lynch, DJ Skidmark is better known to the denizens of South Florida’s underground as the premier punk rock DJ in three counties!

He is not only well-versed and heavily armed with his punk rock knowledge; he is also an avid supporter of local bands and can often be found filling the dead air in South Florida’s marquee and regular punk gatherings. That might actually make us question exactly how responsible this daytime version of himself is and why is he allowed to stroll in to work after lunch?

Hmm… that does beg some investigation, but in the meantime he’ll be keeping the music going between acts and for our lovely go-go dancers during our Evening of Rock and Roll Debauch this Saturday.

Facebook Event Page –

The Sybarite Pig,, Laser Wolf and present An Evening of Rock & Roll Debauch! Featuring the Sacred Owls, Jellyfish Brothers, Bleubird, The Riot Act, Sandratz, Killmama and DJ Skidmark at 8 p.m. on Saturday, September 20 at Churchill’s Pub, 5501 NE 2 AVE, Miami. $8 at the door. Call 305-757-1807 or visit

Slider image courtesy of teajayphoto.

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