COMICS: Where to Start in the New Star Wars Extended Universe

I’m sure you’ve heard a pretty big movie is coming out called Star Wars: The Last Jedi so I thought I’d take this time to give some fans of Star Wars and casual comic book readers somewhere to start if they want to get into the current canon. Some of you may remember that Dark Horse Comics used to produce all the Star Wars Comics, some good and some bad. I’d say more good than bad but when Disney bought Star Wars they said all the stuff before was no longer canon which of course made some people angry but I feel it’s a good move because there’s a lot of bad stuff in the previous canon when it came to comics, video games and books. It got really convoluted. A few years ago Marvel produced the first Star Wars comic by Jason Aaron. Here are some of my personal favorites and ones I think you should pick up.

Star Wars: Vol 1 & 2 (by Jason Aaron)

This is the best place to start. Takes place between New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.

Darth Vader Vol. 1 & 2 (by Kieron Gillen)

Vader Down (by Jason Aaron)

Then it’s the first Star Wars crossover event. The group above is really the best place to start but here are some of my personal favorites.

Lando (by Charles Soule)

Shattered Empire (by Greg Rucka)

Takes place right after Return of the Jedi. 


Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith Vol. 1: Imperial Machine (by Charles Soule)


I like to call it “Vader: Year One.” Takes place right after Revenge of the Sith.

So if you’re a Star Wars fan like me and you just want more great stories past the movies this is a great place to start. I hope you guys enjoyed this list and now when your friends ask where do I start just send them here.

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