STP Fires Weiland! Hires … Chester Bennington?!

The screaming guy from Linkin Park? Yes, the very same. I was blown away, too. The buzz on around the web is that STP had finally gotten fed up with Scott Weiland’s repeated horseshit. Apparently, some bands will only tolerate twenty or twenty-one years of drug use and flaky behavior. The gall! How could the borderline legendary Stone Temple Pilots replace Scott Weiland with, of all people, Chester Bennington?!?

I’ll tell you how. Say what you want about Linkin Park, I don’t give a fuck. They’ve all got talent in that band and they have continued to grow and change and make decent music, even survive the downfall of nu-metal. We’re all chipper about the submerging of that genre. It may not be dead, but the executioner is prepping the injection needle. The point is that they’ve made it in the world of music and earned respect of a large portion of the musical community. Mike Shinoda has his hip-hop side project, Fort Minor, which I’m a fan of. Chester has been working with other bands for years now; see also Celldweller. Chester is a reliable, skilled vocalist that actually shows up to work on music with the band of which he’s a member. So, when STP asked Bennington to come do a song with them, he was stoked, because who in the Hell wouldn’t be?

Weiland turned into a lame-ass 40-something, dive bar karaoke version of himself years ago, even before Velvet Revolver. He will now be embarking on a solo-tour called, Scott Weiland’s Does Anyone Give A Fuck About Me Now? Douche-tool. I say replace him with Bennington, hell replace him with Justin Beiber for all I care, so long as they make decent music that sounds good. I don’t see STP hiring on Chester Bennington as a sleight to STP, Weiland, fans, or anything like that. It’s an homage to their history. These guys want their band to survive, so they made a new friend and they’re gonna give it a run. Why the fuck not? For those that worry, the word is that Linkin Park will remain his primary focus, and he will continue to record new music with both bands. The only thing I would ask, why not change the name and make it something new? Meh.

Go Listen to Out of Time. It’s really not that bad. It’s clearly not Weiland, but it’s certainly not Linkin Park, either. I’m sure I just felt a collective sigh of relief.

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