SUBSCRIPTION BOX REVIEW: Loot Crate (December 2014)


If you are anything like me, for the last year or so you have been watching with mild fascination as a persistent, but somewhat surreptitious, offer for Loot Crate subscription boxes has peppered your Facebook feed(also, you are overweight). More precisely, your attention has been drawn by the promise of a lot of neat-stuff-in-a-box for the paltry sum of $13.37 + $6 S&H. Your wonder, however, has been mitigated by a strong sense of caution – perhaps you have felt the burn of a promise oversold and under delivered before? “But it seems so cool”, you say to yourself far more loudly than is necessary. “Why you can even write about it and share your experience so that the amazingly awesome readership of Tuff Gnarl can benefit from your adventurous spirit”, you continue. It’s a fair argument – an unassailable one, even. And so, you break down and decide that, for the next three months, you will give into the desires of your greedy little heart and subscribe to Loot Crate. Yes, that is what would happen if you were anything like me. You are a good person(and, again, you are overweight).

Before I begin this journey with you, however, it is important that I provide some necessary background on what Loot Crate is and, more importantly, how I will be evaluating each box. Billing itself as a “…monthly subscription that delivers crates of awesome to those that live and embrace the geek and gaming lifestyle…”, Loot Crate’s shameless pandering may be a little off-putting to some, but the promise of random goodies celebrating a number of my personal interests does wonders for avoiding a diatribe against cringe-worthy assertions. In the end, you have a company that is offering you the opportunity to be surprised on a monthly basis with trinkets and goodies centered around gaming and pop culture. Further, these items adhere to a theme that varies with each month.  Consequently, I will be opining not only on the individual contents of the box, but on the theme, as well. I will also, in true capitalist fashion, be providing an approximated value for the items shipped and comparing them to the total cost of the subscription. As mentioned, I have purchased a three month subscription to Loot Crate. This means that, factoring in shipping and handling, each box costs me $18.37. Yours, should you decided to invest in your own, could cost a bit more or a bit less.

So, without further ado, let’s move on to a review of December’s featured box.

Close Box

The Loot Crate package arrives in a handsome(read as cardboard) box with its eponymous logo featured across the top. It measures a respectable 11”Lx7”Wx4”H which is, to my eye, roughly the size of a child’s shoe box. It was a little beat-up, to be fair, but nothing to suggest inappropriateness on behalf of the good people at Loot Crate.


Full Box

Inside, we find the following:

  • 1- Funko Pop! Heroes Loot Crate Exclusive “The Joker Batman-Batman” Vinyl Figure
  • 1- Captain America Vanilla Scented Air Freshener
  • 1- Ghostbusters Themed Door Hanger
  • 1- Pair of “Exclusive” Dancing Groot Crew Socks
  • 1- Tetris Sticker Set
  • 1- Simpsons “Cast Mighty Wallet”
  • 1- Loot Crate Exclusive Copy of DC Comic’s Batman #36 (Endgame) w/a Digital Copy of the First 3 Chapters of Batman: Arkham un-hinged.
  • 1- Loot Crate Anniversary Themed Button
  • 1- 30 Day Free Trail of CrunchyRoll
  • A Miniature Candy Cane

Along with these items, there is also small but informative Loot Crate Magazine that describes the theme of the box. This month, we are treated to anniversaries. As such, many of the items in the box are related to franchises celebrating an anniversary – there are the nods to Marvel Comics, Batman, Tetris, Ghostbusters  and the Simpsons for various milestones. So, yay for anniversaries, I suppose.

Let’s look at each item:

Funko Pop! Heroes Loot Crate Exclusive “The Joker Batman-Batman” Vinyl Figure


Impression: Hey, it’s a pretty neat figure. Personally, I’m not huge on a Joker-themed Batman, but I do like these Vinyl figures and it goes nicely with my Domo-Batman!

Estimated value: $25.00 (Source: Amazon)

Captain America Vanilla Scented Air Freshener

Captain America Air Freshener

Impression: It’s an air freshener. A pricey one, at that.

Estimated value: $4.99 (Source: Amazon)

Ghostbusters Themed Door Hanger

GB Door Hanger

Impression: “I’ve been around for 30 years and all I got was this lousy door hanger.”

Estimated value: $4.95 (Source: Ebay)

Exclusive” Dancing Groot Crew Socks

Groot Socks

Impression: So, I dug these socks and you should too. They are nice and comfy – we are all Groot!

Estimated value: $19.99 (Source: Amazon)

Tetris Sticker Set

Tetris Stickers

Impression: 147 Tetris pieces to mess around with? Yes, please!

Estimated value: $17.00 (Source: Amazon)

Simpsons “Cast Mighty Wallet”

Simpson Wallet

Impression: I’ve never really gotten the appeal of these paper wallets, but the art work on this one is pretty rad. Definitely a nice addition to the box.

Estimated value: $10.00 (Source: Amazon)

Loot Crate Exclusive Copy of DC Comic’s Batman #36 (Endgame) w/a Digital Copy of the First 3 Chapters of Batman: Arkham Unhinged.

Batman Endgame 36

Impression: You can NEVER go wrong with a Batman comic. For more on this particular issue, head on over to my review located here.

Estimated value: $4.00 (Source: Amazon)

Loot Crate Anniversary Themed Button


Impression: Thank you?

Estimated value: $1? I don’t know. Something like that. (Source: Life experience)

30 Day Free Trail of CrunchyRoll


Impression: I am a huge fan of CrunchyRoll. This 30 day membership gives you 16 days over the standard trial so, it’s a good opportunity for non-adopters to see what all the fuss is about!

Estimated value: $6.95 (Source: CrunchyRoll)

A Miniature Candy Cane

Candy Cane


Impression: I like candy canes. Candy canes are cool.

Estimated value: $0.25 (Source: Amazon and Maths)



As an added bonus, the box also doubles as a diorama of the Batcave for your Funko figure! It was a very nice touch(yes, I know it’s upside down:p).

The Financials:

Total Estimated Value of Loot Crate:$94.13 (Given some speculation)
Total Cost to Me: $18.37


The Verdict:

So, my first Loot Crate was a winner, by most metrics. While the theme was not necessarily jump-over-the-moon-exciting, it included enough quality items to justify the expense. I am stoked to see what January will bring!

Slider Image Courtesy of Loot Crate

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