The Nightman cometh but aficionados needn’t any Riderall to stay up for this one, although a little silver spray-paint in a dirty sock may help kick-off the depravity.

After 11 years of polluting the airwaves with their sweet carbon monoxide infused idiocy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia came back for another round Wednesday night with the inauguration of its new season. Charlie, Dennis, Mac, Sweet Dee, and Frank (played by Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, and the infamous Danny DeVito respectively in that order) got The Gang back together in a way that jammed as many classic IASiP themes as your boy’s soul could fit without paying any troll tolls.  Because what better way to crank things up than composing a racist musical?

As a cast of all Caucasians, when “The Gang Turns Black” (literally the name of the episode) after a freak power outage, the PC police are sure to come knocking and not without due. It’s no new ground for a show that has tried to portray a “classy blackface,” yet they still manage to find innovative ways to chip at the mantle of American society.  From tunes about it now being okay for them to say the “N-word” to Black Charlie, played by pre-teen newcomer AJ Hudson, getting gunned down by police while wearing a black hoodie ala Trayvon Martin as The Gang tries to sing their way back to being white, things are bound to get bizarre.  However, even with this level of satirical bigotry, they manage to not only give the new president elect a swift dick-kick (referring to Donald Trump as our “first orange president”) but themselves and our cultural infrastructure in recognizing modern white privilege and racial profiling with a 100 proof shot that makes one ponder through their cable TV induced haze.

An episode stuffed with so much moronic nonsense it could have lost some not familiar with the characters’ dichotomy, the melodic proficiency of Charlie Day succeeded in binding everything. Having composed many of the songs for which IASiP is notorious, Day was able to remind us that The Gang has a couple more talents other than just fucking shit up. They can harmonize, too.

Grab your Sunny fix Wednesdays on FXX at 10 PM Eastern Time.

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David Tellez

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