Survay Says! – Observations Of The Human Condition



I was immediately floored by the modern pop punk barrage in the intro of New Jersey pop punkers Survay Says!Observations of the Human Condition. It was like a Four Year Strong/Streetlight Manifesto/Against All Authority/Folly sandwich. And that, my friends, was like a BLT for my ears. While somewhat derivative of their contemporaries, these guys throw a ska-flavored twist into their songwriting that sets them apart from the dozens of other bands currently popular in the new wave of American pop punk that are really just ripping off New Found Glory.

The production on this album is slick. You could have told me this album had been released on a major label like Epitaph and I would have believed you. They even got a couple of names to drop on the track “This is why we Can’t Have Nice Things” which features David McWane of Warped Tour faves Big D and the Kids Table fame and “Cake Eater” featuring Joe Ragosta of underrated New York pop punk band Patent Pending. Name dropping “featuring” tracks aside, the band really shines on circle pit ready jams like “Show me Potato Salad!” and “Denial” and even the more introspective “At least I’m Safe Inside my Mind” is a highlight.

I’d definitely say check these guys out. They’re currently on tour with Reel Big Fish, so If you want a little “ghost of ska-punk’s past” as well as future, go to the show, buy the record, and tip the merch guy. Merch guys need money for beer.


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