LAST NIGHT’S JAM: Earth, Wind & Fire – October 15, 2014

Formed in 1969 by Maurice White, Earth, Wind & Fire (EWF) has forged an identity for itself founded on their amalgamation of funk, jazz, Latin, African, R&B and soul influences that have adapted well over the years to varying social trends like disco and pop. White’s indelible touch on the outfit has been a calculated approach balancing musicality, vocal talent […]

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Abel’s 4000 Albums That Matter: Part Forty-Four

I’ve been feeling ambivalent lately towards this little vanity project of mine. While it is nice to reminisce and talk some shit about music without worrying about deadlines and “clicks,” it is also a time-consuming endeavor that does nothing to pay my bills. A therapist once told me that I didn’t “follow through” with my goals and that’s true. However, […]

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Beloved Hip-Hop Icon Blowfly Kicks Off International Tour Tonight at Churchill’s Pub

I really hate sounding pedantic, well, that’s not actually true… I revel in the fact that I’m a pompous ass but sometimes, even I have to accept the fact that it is better to take the backseat and let others have a moment. To say that Clarence “Blowfly” Reid is a South Florida icon/institution is putting it lightly and quite […]

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