MUSIC REVIEW: The Sweet Things “Love to Leave” 7″

The Sweet Things clearly worship at the altar of the Rolling Stones, specifically the stride that starts with Let It Bleed and ends with Exile on Main Street. This is an oft tread path because those records are near perfection. However, the musical landscape is littered with the bones of half-assed Keith’s and Mick’s who […]

Interview: Shredding and brush strokes with Juan Montoya

If you grew up going to shows in the Miami and South Florida music scene in the ’90s, then you have heard Juan Montoya, even if you don’t know him. Serving lengthy stints in many bands, including Ed Matus’ Struggle, CAVITY, and Torche, Juan’s guitar playing has fallen loudly on numerous eager and welcoming ears. Outside […]

2015 NFL Season Preview

While most don’t look forward to the end of summer, I differ from that point of view. “Why?” you may ask. One simple reason, football is back, baby! That wonderfully entertaining game, the sound clashing of polycarbonate helmets against each other in a symphonic orchestra, the mountaintop highs of winning and the valley depths of […]

Shaky Knees Festival: The Strokes, FIDLAR, Viet Cong

This Mother’s Day Weekend I spent most of my time in some sort of crowd, watching some performance in heart of Downtown Atlanta. You see, Shaky Knees brought together a one-of-a-kind line-up in the green leafy expanse of Central Park (a park called Central, in Atlanta). Naturally, I did my best to go to ever show […]

Music Festival Review: Coachella hype and other festivals

Winter has long left Florida, but the rest of the country is just beginning to step out onto their porches after weeks of hiding from the biting cold. As a continuation from last weekend, people from all parts of the country are gathering in the picturesque California valley for Coachella’s second weekend line-up. The first weekend of the […]

INTERVIEW: UK’s The Hip Priests Want to Fuck, Drink & Fuck You Up

Black Denim Blitz by The Hip Priests The Turbojugend way of life is pretty much non-existent in South Florida. The Miami chapter for example currently holds 7 members (yes, Turbojugends have chapters). My guess is that it’s way too cool a movement for such a flaky city like Miami. Don’t get me wrong, some people down here tear […]

Help Kreamy ‘lectric Santa’s Priya Win a Handicapped Accessible Van

South Florida’s musical community, regardless of the numerous genres that inhabit her, has always shown the right amount of comradeship and a sense of family. Kreamy ‘lectric Santa has been a staple of South Florida. Regardless of what town they’ve inhabited in the last two decades, KLS will always be Miami first. Without a doubt […]