FILM: Miami Underground Film Festival to debut at Churchill’s Pub

Miami isn’t necessarily known for its film output. Many consider pop cultural outings such as Miami Vice and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective as its celluloid peak. Recently though a growing group of creatives have been releasing independent films that have won plenty of praise from critics – best example of this would be Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight. The […]

Another Music Podcast Episode 317 – Hurricane Party

On this episode of Another Music Podcast Chuck Livid chats with musicians RickoLus and Bleubird about their new pop/rap masher project Hurricane Party. The duo can best be described as Florida’s answer to Gorillaz. The dudes talk about collaborating together, writing & producing pop songs with hip-hop sensibilities and among other things we discuss their “in the can” […]’s Best of 2015

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it […]

Tuff Gnarl & Join Forces with “Another Music Podcast”

Dear reader, We’re really stoked to announce a new partnership between and Effective immediately, we have phased out our in-house music-themed podcast Hangin’ Tuff with Chuck Livid and rebranded it as a new show: Another Music Podcast. But fret not, dear reader–I will still be hosting the show. After interviewing us on his own show, […]

The Most Epic Party The Galaxy Will Ever See

Tacos. The process to become a Tuff Gnarl staffer is not an easy task. It is not a matter of simply asking and receiving, applying and being accepted. We undertake a quest that I am not of liberty to discuss to any degree of specificity but it may or may not bear striking similarity to Level […]

TUFF GNARL CHURCHILL’S SATURDAY: Promotional Highlights of the Week

I’m not going to lie. I’m exhausted. We here at have been at full promotional blitz mode for the last few weeks doing interviews, brainstorming ideas for our first anniversary event and driving like madmen getting flyers and posters up at various places throughout the Tri-County South Florida region. Behold: my top picks from our efforts […]

Meet Carla X: The Cutest Little Monster That Could Ever Eat Your Soul

Making an appearance at our website’s first anniversary show this weekend is Carla X. She’s bringing friends and they’ll be around all night entertaining and dancing to the music provided by our live bands and resident Churchill’s DJ. Carla X is a performance artist, a go-go dancer, model, dreamer and self-proclaimed cutest little monster that […]

South Florida’s Premier Punk Rock DJ – DJ Skidmark!

There’s a pretty good chance that Mark Noonan — also known as DJ Skidmark — has a responsible and upwardly mobile daytime persona/career. With a patented coif of perfect hair that has been alternatively the source of jealousy for Conan O’Brien and David Lynch, DJ Skidmark is better known to the denizens of South Florida’s […]

Introducing Orlando’s Sacred Owls!

Punk rockers. Political assassins. Paranoid freaks. CharlieMotherfuckingBronson obsessed. All true. All lies. All run-on sentences, dangling participles and gerunds. Orlando’s Sacred Owls hide their fears of big governance within erratic garage punk numbers that will take you back to that summer of ’93 when things were good and tinged with a little bit of hardcore. […] Presents… An Evening of Rock & Roll Debauch!

A  Video Playlist of All The Bands Playing Saturday September 20th! Presents… Night of Rock & Roll Debauch! is an event that our staff have been considering since early May to celebrate our first anniversary of existence. Churchill’s Pub’s own in-house promoter Nayra Serrano was kind enough to let us toy with the evening of September 20th […]