Captain America


Welcome everyone to a new series I like to call where do I start. I’ve noticed something in the past few years since comic book movies really blew up.A lot of my friends say I love these movies but don’t know how to get into Comics there’s so much of it out there and decades […]

Movie Review: Marvel’s Ant-Man

Marvel Studios’ newest and tiniest superhero is here. The 12th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, Ant-Man continues their winning formula. Without delving too deeply into cheesy clichés such as, “Ant-Man has big heart” or “Big surprises come in ‘small’ packages,” this movie should make a “small” fortune. Though not a very popular character, a “small” […]

Marvel Comics is coming to an end

Well kind of… The Marvel Comics universe as we know it is in flux! Worlds are literally colliding! Marvel’s latest comic book crossover event, Secret Wars, is at hand. In order to keep all of their stories succinct and in line, they’ll be eliminating all of their stories, continuities and universes that will lead things to […]

TV Review: “Daredevil”

The Netflix Series, Daredevil, is exactly what Marvel needs to counter successful DC television shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham. I’m not about taking sides in the war between DC vs. Marvel, rollerblades over skateboards, Nintendo against Sega, but I do like an alternative once in a great while to the things that I […]

Marvel characters that need to be on TV/film: Part 1

With Netflix’s recent release of the first of five new television series set in the Marvel cinematic universe, I began to think about other characters who aren’t currently featured in a film or television shows and those not currently in pre or post-production. My list does not discriminate between which film studios currently have the rights to […]

SUBSCRIPTION BOX REVIEW: Loot Crate (December 2014)

If you are anything like me, for the last year or so you have been watching with mild fascination as a persistent, but somewhat surreptitious, offer for Loot Crate subscription boxes has peppered your Facebook feed(also, you are overweight). More precisely, your attention has been drawn by the promise of a lot of neat-stuff-in-a-box for […]


Superior Iron Man #1 Tom Taylor, Mike Choi Marvel Comics November 12, 2014 What would you pay to be perfect? That’s the question surrounding the premier issue of the new series, Superior Iron Man. The first issue takes place during a crossover event, Axis, in which a super powered Red Skull goes on a rampage […]

Seven of the Oddest Comic Book Crossovers

One of the best parts of comic books is that you never know who could appear in the next issue. Over the years there have been several crossovers or team-ups that have resulted in severely odd partnerships. Read on to find the seven strangest.   1.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Ghostbusters – […]

COMIC REVIEW: The Death of Wolverine #3 & #4 [SPOILER HEAVY]

The Death of Wolverine #3 Charles Soule, Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten, Justin Ponsor Marvel Comics October 1, 2014 The last we saw of Wolverine, he was on the fictional island of Madripoor and had just been saved from Lady Deathstrike by Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat. Sabretooth had wounded him in his eye in an earlier attack and […]

Great Odin’s beard, Thor’s a woman!?!?

Making the media rounds is Marvel Comics’ latest release and new series about everyone’s favorite god of thunder and wielder of mighty Mjolnir, Thor. Well kinda. The series is titled Thor but he’s not on the cover; a lady is! No, Marvel/Disney did not perform gender-transfiguring surgery on Thor. He’s still alive and well, more […]

The Shape of Indie Wrestling to Come: A Preview of Ronin Pro Wrestling

Back in July, I had the privilege of having full access to the men and ladies of Florida Super Championship Wrestling (FSCW) for a weekend. FSCW, which solely performs at Florida Supercon-ran events, was starting a new promotion in South Florida in which wrestlers and a few surprise guests were being brought together with the […]

Logan’s Last Days: The Death of Wolverine

Just released in a surprising move by Marvel Comics is The Death of Wolverine #1. Wolverine, a character known to many by his appearances in numerous cartoons, several summer blockbuster films and countless comic book appearances, will finally succumb to death’s touch. This may leave you with a few questions, such as why would Marvel […]

SummerSlam 2014 Review: The Pay-Per-View We Deserved (*spoilers*)

Since Wrestlemania in April, there haven’t been any storylines that have culminated the way neither fans nor I thought they should. WWE consistently seemed to believe that fans had Alzheimer’s with the pumping out of watered down plots that held no real substance. Every year, SummerSlam is usually the turning point to set up for Royal […]

Return to Parts Unknown: A Farewell to the Ultimate Warrior

Rambunctious. Loose Cannon. Iconic. Whatever words you use to describe him, James Hellwig -better known as the Ultimate Warrior – was a larger than life personality both on and off camera. After 2 and a half years in smaller promotions and WCCW, Hellwig made it to WWF (now WWE). He debuted as Dingo Warrior in […]