2015 NFL Season Preview

While most don’t look forward to the end of summer, I differ from that point of view. “Why?” you may ask. One simple reason, football is back, baby! That wonderfully entertaining game, the sound clashing of polycarbonate helmets against each other in a symphonic orchestra, the mountaintop highs of winning and the valley depths of […]

College Football Bowl Preview Part 2

We have a few days of bowl games behind us but fear not because we have so many more games to go. If you missed my previous predictions click here.   Cincinnati (9-3) vs Virginia Tech (6-6) Military Bowl, Annapolis, MD, Navy-Marine Corps. Stadium, Sat., Dec. 27, 1:00 p.m. ET To what should be an […]

GNAT! “Gnasty” Review

No-fi crust punk with pop sensibilities? Cincinnati’s GNAT! achieves just that with their debut Gnasty. Singer Drella Fink may just be Tim Armstrong and Kathleen Hannah‘s long lost punk goddess daughter. Not gonna lie I’m kind of in love with this band! Please play Florida. Gnasty by GNAT! Share this story:1