PODCAST: Hangin’ Tuff with Chuck Livid

The ninth episode of Hangin’ Tuff with Chuck Livid brings a new format to the show. On this episode we find our host creating a petition boycotting Marvel Comics, playing songs by Village of Weedville, The Dwarves, The Antidon’ts, Faggot, Survay Says!, Imohoff Youth, The Young Rochelles and Death Jam. Chuck chats with the staff […]

You Cannot Censor Art – A Call To Ban Marvel Comics

Art is not meant to be censored. Here’s why I’m calling for a ban on Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics has pulled artwork by famed Italian illustrator Milo Manara from their upcoming variant covers for Thor #2 and Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #1 due to accusations of “sexism,” in what has been called “Spider-Butt-Gate” for another variant Manara did […]