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COMIC REVIEW: Corey Lewis’ Sun Bakery #1

Sun Bakery #1 Written and Drawn by: Corey Lewis Published by Image Comics What is Sun Bakery? This here is an ongoing comic book anthology magazine, meaning, there are a bunch of stories in here, some will be ongoing, some one-shots, all of them super fun. – Corey Lewis from his introduction. The comic book […]

Comics Review: ‘Prophet’ Volume 5: Earth War

So here we are in 2017, twenty-five years after the creation of Image Comics, and I am about to sing the praises about a Rob Liefeld creation. (In Rob’s defense some of his ’90s stuff might have failed a bit in execution but were good ideas otherwise.) Stranger things have happened this year, but for comic […]

Comics Review: Kill Or Be Killed: Volume One

A new collaboration between writer Ed Brubaker, artist Sean Phillips and colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser is always something to check out. Sleeper, Fatale, Criminal, and The Fade Out are all masterpieces of comic book storytelling and crime fiction. We can now add Kill or Be Killed to that list. Kill or Be Killed, published by Image Comics, begins with […]

Interview: Catching Up With Jim Mahfood

Artist Jim Mahfood has drawn and painted in both worlds of art and pop-culture for well over two decades now. His pen and brush strokes can found on comics, canvases, murals, album covers, and even the human body. Getting his start in ‘zines and mini-comics by self-publishing 40 Oz. Comics, he eventually got a gig drawing […]

Bob Fingerman

Interview: Maximum Bob Fingerman

Bob Fingerman has had a career in comics and illustration for decades. He has worked on everything from humor magazines (Cracked/National Lampoon), mainstream properties (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures), album covers (The Toasters) and adult magazines (High Times/Penthouse). He has also written novels (You Deserved It/Zombie World: Winter’s Dregs & Other Stories) and produced covers and […]

Review: Minimum Wage Book Two: So Many Bad Decisions

A new Minimum Wage comic is always cause for celebration, and with his new home at Image, Bob Fingerman has found a publisher who is quick to collect the individual issues into reasonably priced editions. I picked up Book 2, “So Many Bad Decisions” on a Thursday and had blown through it by Friday. That’s […]

Comic Book Review: Postal #5

Postal #5 Bryan Hill, Matt Hawkins, Isaac Goodhart, Betsy Gonia Top Cow Productions/Image Comics July 13th, 2015 Having earned his mother’s trust in the first arc, Postal #5 finds Mark Shiffron faithfully carrying out his official (and unofficial) duties as Eden’s post master. Although not much is said about the events connecting this chapter to […]

Comic Book Review: Postal TPB Vol.1

Postal TPB Vol.1 (Postal Issues 1-4) Bryan Hill, Matt Hawkins, Isaac Goodhart, Betsy Gonia, Linda Sejic Top Cow Productions/Image Comics June 24th, 2015 Read Postal #1 – for FREE! Postal, a title that speaks both to our protagonist’s occupation and to greater threats looming on the horizon, takes place in a fictionalized version (I hope) […]

Comic Book Review: Descender #1 and #2 (Heavy Spoilers)

Descender #1 and #2 Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen Image Comics 2015 Written by Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth) and penciled by Dustin Nguyen (American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares), Descender is Image Comics’ newest blockbuster. Space-operatic in nature, Descender defies precise categorization only two issues in as it is quite grand in scope. Sony has already optioned it […]

Comic Book Review: The Tithe #1

The Tithe Review Matt Hawkins Co-Creator and Writer Rashan Ekedal Co-Creater Artist Bill Farmer Colorist April 15, 2015  From the minds of Matt Hawkins and Rashan Ekedal comes The Tithe, a book about Robin Hood inspired thieves that rob corrupt churches and give the money to charities that need them, all while being hunted down by two […]

Great Odin’s beard, Thor’s a woman!?!?

Making the media rounds is Marvel Comics’ latest release and new series about everyone’s favorite god of thunder and wielder of mighty Mjolnir, Thor. Well kinda. The series is titled Thor but he’s not on the cover; a lady is! No, Marvel/Disney did not perform gender-transfiguring surgery on Thor. He’s still alive and well, more […]

You Cannot Censor Art – A Call To Ban Marvel Comics

Art is not meant to be censored. Here’s why I’m calling for a ban on Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics has pulled artwork by famed Italian illustrator Milo Manara from their upcoming variant covers for Thor #2 and Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #1 due to accusations of “sexism,” in what has been called “Spider-Butt-Gate” for another variant Manara did […]

COMIC REVIEW: Chronicles of Hate — Book #1

Chronicles of Hate Book 1 Adrian Smith Top Cow Productions/Image Comics September 24, 2014 British artist/creator Adrian Smith — who cut his teeth in the early ‘90s working for independent publishers Apocalypse Comics and Iron Hammer Graphics before moving on to provide artwork for Warhammer 40K and Magic: The Gathering — isn’t a household name yet, […]

COMIC REVIEW: Aphrodite IX #11

Aphrodite IX #11 Matt Hawkins, Stjepan Sejic Image Comics/Top Cow Productions 2014 For ten straight issues, Aphrodite IX has delivered top-tier epic science fiction action and drama, gorgeously illustrated and brilliantly plotted, and here, in its 11th and final issue, everything that had been building up – the war between the Gen and Speros City, […]

Five Under-The-Radar Comic Books Worth Your Time and Money

It’s a good time to be into comics. For what seemed like forever to many longtime fans and supporters of the genre, being into static graphic storytelling relegated you to a fringe status, socially. Sure, those of us who were in the know, so to speak, could engage in banter regarding the newest pages flying […]