Tim Seeley interview

  Hey everyone today I have a special treat for you guys, an interview with a top DC comics writer Tim Seeley hope you enjoy. What made you want to be a comic book writer and artist? I never really considered doing anything else. This was the only job I wanted. If you could write […]


INTERVIEW: Catching Up With Comics Artist James Michael Whynot

When I first came across the comic book Gravetrancers from Black Mask Studios I was taken with the book. The artwork really grabbed me and I immediately went about tracking down who had drawn these images. As it turned out, the man behind the pen was not only a fellow Floridian but we also shared […]

Another Music Podcast Episode 303 – Joanna Angel

Back in late January 2017 our own Chuck Livid & Rob Zimmerman chatted with adult film star and entrepreneur Joanna Angel. Joanna Angel is an icon in an industry whose history has been primarily controlled by men. We chat porn, music and women’s newfound dominance in the world of adult film. Enjoy! Follow Joanna Angel – […]

Ep. 302 DEATH

Chuck Livid hosts a Q&A with Detroit’s legendary band Death at Radio-Active Records in Ft. Lauderdale. Death Tour Dates: A little more about the Death document A Band Called Death from IMDB: “Before Bad Brains, the Sex Pistols or even the Ramones, there was a band called Death. Punk before punk existed, three teenage brothers in […]

Five Questions with Johnny Sexfuk and the Fleshrockets

Johnny Sexfuk and the Fleshrockets bust unto the Miami scene in 2004 and have consistently put out solid music ever since. They’re veterans of punk rock who’s members have been active in one way or another for the better part of 20+ years. It was a great treat to catch us with Johnny Sexfuck and […]

INTERVIEW: 5 Questions with Fabio Destroyio of The GAZMS

The GAZMS are one of those bands that came out of nowhere and just basically upped the game in Miami. They’re a solid three-piece with all substance and no filler. I recently chatted with The GAZMS’ vocalist/ guitarist Fabio Destroyio to talk shop, Miami, Trump and punk rock’s future. Fabio you’ve fronted and played in a […]

Interview: Craig Flipy – Punk rock cinematographer / Bigfoot hunter

Slider image from the URTC video for The People Are Home. Craig Flipy has filmed numerous videos for Recess Records and photographed touring bands passing through California or his now home of Portland, Oregon. Flipy has also worked filming the wildly popular Animal Planet reality show, Finding Bigfoot, and is currently in the process of making the documentary, Crappy Little […]

Music Festival Review: Coachella hype and other festivals

Winter has long left Florida, but the rest of the country is just beginning to step out onto their porches after weeks of hiding from the biting cold. As a continuation from last weekend, people from all parts of the country are gathering in the picturesque California valley for Coachella’s second weekend line-up. The first weekend of the […]

VIDEO: Interview with Horror Legend Robert Englund

I spent this last Friday the 13th at ShockPop ComicCon in Ft. Lauderdale enjoying interesting panels, checking out great artists and running into familiar faces. I was also able to sit down and have a nice conversation with the man behind the burnt face and claw: Robert Englund. Hear from the “Dream Master” himself below. Enjoy. Share this story:1

PODCAST INTERVIEW: Joe Queer Fires Back At Accusations of Racism

Last week the owner of Don Giovanni Records, Joe Steinhardt, made a public comment calling for Recess Records and Asian Man Records to “completely disassociate with sexist, racist, and homophobic punk bands like The Queers and Screeching Weasel.” The event was triggered by Joe Queer’s support for Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on his personal […]

INTERVIEW – Emil Friis Talks “Sand In Your Eyes”

As someone with the task of reviewing countless albums a year, the whole process becomes overwhelming at times. The truth is that I’m always on the hunt for new and fascinating music, but it’s not too often that a record will stop me dead in my tracks. Emil Friis’ debut Sand in Your Eyes is […]