FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2014: A Thrilling and Exciting Tournament (Rant and Recap)

  Yes, the title to this piece contains the words “thrilling” and “exciting” and it concerns women’s football at the U-17 level. These teenaged girls between the ages of fourteen and seventeen just put on a world class example of the beautiful sport in the gorgeous host nation of Costa Rica. As a lover of the sport, nay, as an […]

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DeeCracks “DeeCRACKS Mania” Review

Japan’s getting attacked with this exclusive “Best of” DeeCRACKS bandcamp exclusive! The digital only release is called DeeCRACKS Mania. The DeeCRACKS is Austria’s answer to pop punk ala Teenage Bottlerocket and to a lesser extent the Riverdales. This band wonderfully executes Ramones 3 chord- style punk rock. If you haven’t heard them before then DeeCRACKS Mania is a great place […]

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