Jason Aaron

COMICS: Where to Start in the New Star Wars Extended Universe

I’m sure you’ve heard a pretty big movie is coming out called Star Wars: The Last Jedi so I thought I’d take this time to give some fans of Star Wars and casual comic book readers somewhere to start if they want to get into the current canon. Some of you may remember that Dark […]

Comic Review: Thors #1

Thors #1 Jason Aaron, Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, Marte Garcia & Joe Sabino Marvel Comics June 17, 2015 There’s a new police force in Marvel Comics and it’s one mighty group. They’re known as the Thors Corps and they serve their All-father, the omnipotent Dr. Victor Von Doom! Yeah, you know, that Dr. Doom of […]

Comic Book Review: Star Wars #1

Star Wars #1 Jason Aaron, John Cassady, Laura Martin Marvel Comics January 14, 2015   I picked up Star Wars #1 by Marvel Comics reluctantly but was pleasantly surprised. Set in the Star Wars universe between Episodes IV (A New Hope) and V (The Empire Strikes Back), it’s an interesting addition to the stories that we all know […]

Great Odin’s beard, Thor’s a woman!?!?

Making the media rounds is Marvel Comics’ latest release and new series about everyone’s favorite god of thunder and wielder of mighty Mjolnir, Thor. Well kinda. The series is titled Thor but he’s not on the cover; a lady is! No, Marvel/Disney did not perform gender-transfiguring surgery on Thor. He’s still alive and well, more […]