Jerry Only

REVIEW: Riot Fest / Misfits Reunion Denver

Denver, you are beautiful. As I stepped off the plane weed fell from the sky; literally. Not being one to generally partake in the wilds of shrubbery, I was still impressed. However, Riot Fest was not as impressive, except the Misfits. The Misfits were everything they should have been. The word epic is bandied about […]

INTERVIEW: Doyle Talks Danzig/Misfits Reunion, Working Out & Cupcakes?!

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is a living legend in the world of punk/metal guitar. He’s played with the Misfits, Marky Ramone and you can currently check out his new band- DOYLE. This interview goes down as one of my most intense in my music covering career. My first tattoo was the iconic Misfits Crimson Ghost and the […]

Shittiest Band In the UK – The Wife Beaters (An Interview)

How could I explain what The Wife Beaters sound like without making you want to puke all over yourselves? If you took Mike Ness and punched him in the throat as hard as possible, then provided him with a backing band that consisted of mentally retarded men who were born without limbs, you’d have The Wife Beaters. […]