Five Questions with Johnny Sexfuk and the Fleshrockets

Johnny Sexfuk and the Fleshrockets bust unto the Miami scene in 2004 and have consistently put out solid music ever since. They’re veterans of punk rock who’s members have been active in one way or another for the better part of 20+ years. It was a great treat to catch us with Johnny Sexfuck and […]

REVIEW: Riot Fest / Misfits Reunion Denver

Denver, you are beautiful. As I stepped off the plane weed fell from the sky; literally. Not being one to generally partake in the wilds of shrubbery, I was still impressed. However, Riot Fest was not as impressive, except the Misfits. The Misfits were everything they should have been. The word epic is bandied about […]

Podcast: Tim Moffatt & DJ Skidmark discuss malt liquor, X-Files, Churchill’s Pub and Ft. Lauderdale taking over Miami’s music scene

Podcast Track Listing: 1.   The Knumbskullz  “Ridge Rats” 2.   Thee Wilt Chamberlain “X-Files Theme” 3.   Rhinorino “Today” 4.   Baby Horror “Horror Hotel” 5.   Room Full of Strangers “Guest Bath” 6.   Flores Robadas “Reves” 7.   TacoCat “I Hate the Weekend” 8.   Mean Jeans “Nite Vision” 9.   AC Cobra “Pound of Flesh” 10. Chickenhead “Chickenhead won […]

Interview: Craig Flipy – Punk rock cinematographer / Bigfoot hunter

Slider image from the URTC video for The People Are Home. Craig Flipy has filmed numerous videos for Recess Records and photographed touring bands passing through California or his now home of Portland, Oregon. Flipy has also worked filming the wildly popular Animal Planet reality show, Finding Bigfoot, and is currently in the process of making the documentary, Crappy Little […]

Interview: Los Monkys – Colombia’s pop-punk saviors

Photo from the Monkys Facebook page. Los Monkys are a three-piece band that’s had success playing Screeching Weasel style Spanish pop-punk in their native Cali, Colombia. Drummer/vocalist Mario Parra Lalinde shot me an instant message saying that the band was going to be coming to Miami in early September. I quickly realized that they were going to be in […]

INTERVIEW: Doyle Talks Danzig/Misfits Reunion, Working Out & Cupcakes?!

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is a living legend in the world of punk/metal guitar. He’s played with the Misfits, Marky Ramone and you can currently check out his new band- DOYLE. This interview goes down as one of my most intense in my music covering career. My first tattoo was the iconic Misfits Crimson Ghost and the […]

MUSIC REVIEW : Zig Zags “Brainded Warrior” 7”

Brainded Warrior b/w So Stoned by Zig Zags Los Angeles’ Zig Zags are the new anti-heroes of rock n’ roll. Gritty fuzz guitars and a sense of imminent disaster at all turns. Their new 2 track 7” EP Brainded Warrior is the raddest thing out this year since Ghoul’s “Hang Ten”. The seven incher starts […]

An Interview With The Riot Act’s Christian Clarke

I remember getting  a demo submission in the mail a few years ago while I still ran Livid Records. It was from a band in Pompano Beach, Florida called The Riot Act. The demo packaging was extremely well thought out and resembled a hotel card typed on a typewriter inviting us to listen to their […]

NEW PODCAST- Hangin’ Tuff with Chuck Livid Episode 7

On the 7th episode of Hangin’ Tuff with Chuck Livid, Chuck welcomes back comedian/writer/butt buddy Rob Zimmerman. Join us as we churn through 11 tracks of awesomeness, discuss German fetishes, reading Batman comic books in the Kevin Conroy voice in your head, albacore penises and much, much more. Music by: ·         Propeller – Fuzz ·        […]

Shittiest Band In the UK – The Wife Beaters (An Interview)

How could I explain what The Wife Beaters sound like without making you want to puke all over yourselves? If you took Mike Ness and punched him in the throat as hard as possible, then provided him with a backing band that consisted of mentally retarded men who were born without limbs, you’d have The Wife Beaters. […]