18 Recent Life Changing Albums

Over the course of the last 2 months I’ve been jotting down the names of bands and releases that have grabbed my attention and gone totally unnoticed by the general public. Below are eighteen* releases accompanied by micro reviews (in no particular order) that will change the lazy complaint of ” there isn’t any good music anymore” to “holy shit this band just changed […]

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Ume – Monuments

Ume (pronounced Ooo-may) is a power trio from Austin, TX and they have been knocking at the door of mainstream rock success for a few years. With the release of their latest album, Monuments, in March they may have just kicked it in altogether. Fronted by guitarist and vocalist, Lauren Larson, Ume has hit their stride as a guitar-driven rock […]

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The Connection “Let It Rock” Review

Portsmouth, New Hampshire sensation The Connection are out with a new album called Let It Rock. The Connection have found solid footing on Let It Rock compared to their earlier 7 inch releases. This outing finds them with a much fuller sound and less amateurish production. Let It Rock sounds like it was thought up and recorded in the 60’s. That’s a good thing because THIS […]

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