Five beers you should be pairing with your Easter candy

What’s the best thing about the day after Easter? Why, all the drastically discounted candy, of course! Enter any drug or grocery store and you’ll see a plethora of shopping carts full of marked down candy for your sugary enjoyment. And one thing that goes perfectly with these candies is beer! Don’t believe me? Read […]

TuffGnarl.com presents… The Beer Bracket Challenge!

With all of the March madness and bracket challenges going on, I thought it only appropriate that TuffGnarl.com get in on it too, so I decided to create a Beer Bracket Challenge to determine what style of beer is America’s favorite. As I mentioned in a previous piece, there are two types of beer: ales and […]

Our Presidents And Their Beer

On this President’s Day, I wanted to explore one of the few similarities that many of our nation’s presidents had: beer! Now I know you’re probably rolling your eyes at this, but beer was beloved by many of this nation’s great presidents. George Washington is generally considered among our most trusted and well-liked presidents. Why? […]