SHOW REVIEW: Queens of the Stone Age (May 1st 2018 Bayfront Amphitheater)

“And They Say Miami isn’t a rock and roll town.”  Queens of the Stone Age front man / stage banter specialist Josh Homme mused to the 3,000 alt rockers, metalheads and punks gathered at Bayfront Amphitheater.  “You’re not just (beat box techno beat) – you’re a rock and roll town and don’t you forget it!” […]

Abel’s 4000 Albums That Matter: Part Thirty-Four

I’ve been saying for a pair of years at least, that Liverpool forward and Uruguayan national Luis Suárez is a giant pile of festering shit but nobody either paid any attention to my words, ignored me or just plum dismissed me as crazy. Bitey-boy’s latest wasn’t his first stab at cannibalism, it’s like his third […]