Queens of The Stone Age

SHOW REVIEW: Queens of the Stone Age (May 1st 2018 Bayfront Amphitheater)

“And They Say Miami isn’t a rock and roll town.”  Queens of the Stone Age front man / stage banter specialist Josh Homme mused to the 3,000 alt rockers, metalheads and punks gathered at Bayfront Amphitheater.  “You’re not just (beat box techno beat) – you’re a rock and roll town and don’t you forget it!” […]

Abel’s 4000 Albums That Matter: Part Thirty-Four

I’ve been saying for a pair of years at least, that Liverpool forward and Uruguayan national Luis Suárez is a giant pile of festering shit but nobody either paid any attention to my words, ignored me or just plum dismissed me as crazy. Bitey-boy’s latest wasn’t his first stab at cannibalism, it’s like his third […]

An Interview with Dinst of The Black Tibetans

It is rare these days for one to come across a band that isn’t molded to meet some prepackaged market criteria for success, from costumed stadium pop to the modern incarnation of psychedelia, but there are some bands that punch through and grab you by the throat and need no explanation. The Black Tibetans is […]

An Interview With The Riot Act’s Christian Clarke

I remember getting  a demo submission in the mail a few years ago while I still ran Livid Records. It was from a band in Pompano Beach, Florida called The Riot Act. The demo packaging was extremely well thought out and resembled a hotel card typed on a typewriter inviting us to listen to their […]