TUFF GNARL Staffers Pick: The Top 10 Best Albums of the ’90s

For almost all of us, the 1990s was a beloved era comprised of equal parts awkwardness, conceit, hope, dejection, love, anger, fear and exuberance, and being as our staff at TUFF GNARL consists exclusively of impassioned melomaniacs who truly began to develop the musical tastes we’d carry into adulthood during this tumultuous last decade of the 20th century, it seemed […]

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The Top Ten Albums of 2013

And seemingly as soon as it arrived, we must bid 2013 a bittersweet farewell. Like the years that preceded it, our 365 day trip around the solar crux of our universal existence was rife with confusion, heartbreak, enlightenment and elation, with varying doses of pain and pleasure peppered in amidst the organized chaos we’ve assimilated ourselves into. Everyone got their […]

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