Another Music Podcast Episode 313 – Ashley Reda

Chuck Livid chats with Ashley Reda (of The Goddamn’ Hustle) about his solo material, being of Egyptian descent, calling Ft. Lauderdale home and being considered one of the sexiest men in the business. This episode was recorded live in front of a live audience at Laser Wolf. Special thanks to Laser Wolf, Bleubird, Ian Witlen, […]

Abel’s 4000 Albums That Matter: Part Forty-Six

Today is Thursday – meaning I’ve been moved from my usual Sunday timeslot by the overlords. I feel like a sitcom that’s either incredibly crappy or ahead of its time. I know for a fact which of those I’ve become but no pink slip has been slipped beneath the doors of digital perception. We’ll […]

Interview with Ehmm Theory Creators- Brockton McKinney & Larkin Ford

Brockton McKinney and Larkin Ford are the creators of Ehmm Theory, a new comic book released by Action Lab Comic that revolves around protagonist Gabriel Ehmm and his talking kitten, Mr. Whispers, as they embark on an adventure that I can best describe as Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey meets Dead-Alive meets ALF. I first heard about Ehmm Theory while picking up new books one fateful Wednesday in […]