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Ep. 309 Dénudés – South Florida Fuzz Noir Masters

South Florida’s fuzz noir legends Dénudés join Chuck Livid at Laser Wolf in front of a live audience. Dénudés on Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp – Spotify –   Share this story:1

Another Music Podcast Episode 309 – Dénudés

South Florida’s fuzz noir legends Dénudés join Chuck Livid at Laser Wolf in front of a live audience. Dénudés on Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp – Spotify –   Share this story:1

Record Review: The Holy Terrors – Live Six – 25th Anniversary Reissue

1992 was an interesting year in South Florida’s music history. The scene was large and prolific enough to afford stark divisions. The primary divide was between the mostly Miami-based contingent of punk rockers and weirdos and the mostly Broward-based “serious” would-be rock stars. The division was deep enough for noise guru Rat Bastard to design […]

Interview: Shredding and brush strokes with Juan Montoya

If you grew up going to shows in the Miami and South Florida music scene in the ’90s, then you have heard Juan Montoya, even if you don’t know him. Serving lengthy stints in many bands, including Ed Matus’ Struggle, CAVITY, and Torche, Juan’s guitar playing has fallen loudly on numerous eager and welcoming ears. Outside […]

Interview: Archie Comics’ Alex Segura talks Archie meets The Ramones, crime fiction, his love for hometown Miami and a long career in comics.

Alex Segura is a hometown boy done good. After cutting his teeth working for The Miami Herald, Alex took his life long love of comics and made the jump into that very industry, quickly becoming a professional and working with some the medium’s biggest publishers. Also an accomplished crime novelist, he has written two books in an […]

Album Review: Broken Talent – Rules No One

From the golden age of South Florida punk rock, Broken Talent was a supremely “punk” punk band. Formed out of necessity by Malcolm “Tent” Hutch and Richard “Santo” Mallia during their high school years and pursued well into college age, Broken Talent left behind a trail of drummers, a handful of guitarists, the “Blood Slut” […]

UFC 184: Rousey vs. Zingano – Shortcut Predictions for the Entire Card

  I’m breaking protocol this time around: less pictures, stats, odds and… well, words. Here are my predictions for every fight at UFC 184: Rousey vs. Zingano, in five sentences or less per fight. MAIN CARD—Pay-Per-View—10PM/7PM ET|PT (C) “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey vs. #1 “Alpha” Cat Zingano – Were this to have occurred when it was originally […]

The Young Musicians Organization Needs Your Help on Give Miami Day

Sammy Gonzalez is one of the most dedicated musicians in South Florida. Aside from his music career, Gonzalez is one of those few individuals who have put their money where their mouth is. A product of an after-school free music lesson program himself, Gonzalez is one of South Florida’s most distinguished guitarists and, for the […]

Full Speed Ahead: A Review of Ronin Pro Wrestling’s 2nd Event

Back in late September, I wrote a preview for Ronin Pro Wrestling’s upcoming launch, calling it the shape of indie wrestling to come. The first event did not disappoint, with a great combination of talent in the locker room and special guests. With a talent pool and the dynamic team of Seth Gregg and Blake Chadwick doing commentary, […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Adam Matza “Refractions and Echoes”

Adam Matza is a composer of experimental electronic music based in South Florida. After working on projects with The Weeds and The Baboons, Matza has taken his solo-experimentalism to another level. This is done with a futuristic musical tool called… an iPad; or in this gentleman’s case, multiple iPads. By using sound altering and looping software […]