Review: The Case for Batman v. Superman (UE)

First, a disclaimer: If you have seen neither the theatrical nor the ultimate edition of this movie and do not want a few plot points revealed, then please watch the movie before reading this. While I keep my discussion of the story and certain major developments limited to my earlier review of the theatrical version, much […]

10 things you didn’t know about Superman and Batman

With all the hype surrounding the release of Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice I wanted to drop a few little known facts for you all about two of your favorite DC comic book characters. First up is the Man of Steel: 1. Did you know that Superman was co-created by a young […]

Review: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

I went into Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice with an almost foolish amount of enthusiasm. Although decades of old fanboy cynicism had done much to mitigate my expectations in a general sense, I couldn’t help but be overcome by a real feeling of hope. This was Batman v. Superman after all – the big […]

TV Review: Supergirl: “Pilot”

The Supergirl pilot was a hot mess – it would take GOP levels of gall to deny this. The creative team behind the show seemed to have almost no (or too much) control over the amount of information that needed to be included in this opening act. This is a persistent problem throughout the episode, […]

Movie Review: Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Director: Sam Liu Writers: Bruce Timm and Alan Barnett Run Time: 72 Minutes Release Date: July 28th, 2015 Studio: Warner Brothers Home Video Penned and produced by fan-favorite Bruce Timm, Justice League: Gods and Monsters is a re-imagining of the beloved (and sometimes maligned) superhero super team as a darker, […]

TV Review: “Daredevil”

The Netflix Series, Daredevil, is exactly what Marvel needs to counter successful DC television shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham. I’m not about taking sides in the war between DC vs. Marvel, rollerblades over skateboards, Nintendo against Sega, but I do like an alternative once in a great while to the things that I […]


Batman #36: Endgame Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, FCO Placencia DC Comics November 24th, 2014 Our story picks up at the nail biting conclusion of the previous issue wherein Endgame’s big bad is revealed through the emergence of a Jokerized Superman. As this issue’s cover would indicate, the Man of Steel is ready to […]

Seven of the Oddest Comic Book Crossovers

One of the best parts of comic books is that you never know who could appear in the next issue. Over the years there have been several crossovers or team-ups that have resulted in severely odd partnerships. Read on to find the seven strangest.   1.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Ghostbusters – […]

The Top 10 Legal Struggles In Comic Books

When I think of comic books, many things come to mind. However, court battles are usually not one of them. Below are 10 of my favorite legal issues concerning comic books.   1.  Neil Gaiman vs. Todd McFarlane One of the least known comic book legal battles was over an issue of Spawn, number nine to […]

Great Odin’s beard, Thor’s a woman!?!?

Making the media rounds is Marvel Comics’ latest release and new series about everyone’s favorite god of thunder and wielder of mighty Mjolnir, Thor. Well kinda. The series is titled Thor but he’s not on the cover; a lady is! No, Marvel/Disney did not perform gender-transfiguring surgery on Thor. He’s still alive and well, more […]

TUFF GNARL CASTING CALL: Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”

Many years ago, the now-defunct comic book periodical Wizard Magazine ran an ongoing segment entitled “Casting Call” in which they would envision a film based on another medium – comics, animation, literature, etc. – and suggest which actors would best portray the major characters in the story. Sometimes they hit the nail on the head, like when […]

Man of Steel Review

The film making scale of Man of Steel is right for the character. When Superman fights a group of Supermen it should basically bankrupt every insurance company on the planet. It should also make for buckets of popcorn being vacuum consumed by an engaged theater going public. The acting in Man of Steel was superb. […]