The Queers

Interview: Los Monkys – Colombia’s pop-punk saviors

Photo from the Monkys Facebook page. Los Monkys are a three-piece band that’s had success playing Screeching Weasel style Spanish pop-punk in their native Cali, Colombia. Drummer/vocalist Mario Parra Lalinde shot me an instant message saying that the band was going to be coming to Miami in early September. I quickly realized that they were going to be in […]

The Queers founding member Scott Gildersleeve has died

Today at 10:36PM EST Joe Queer posted on his Facebook page that founding Queers bass player and drummer Scott Gildersleeve, better known to fans as Tulu, has died. Gildersleeve’s contributions to the band are numerous, including Queers standards such as “Nothing to Do” and “I Want Cunt, ” both of which are still performed by the […]

Abel’s 4000 Albums That Matter: Part Forty-Three

Some years go by okay, some don’t. This one’s three-quarters of the way in and it’s already been too much to take. Young people shouldn’t die young regardless of the circumstances. This past week we lost artist Edward Crowell II to a motorcycle accident and friend Orlando Sanchez to a heart attack, according to […]

PODCAST INTERVIEW: Joe Queer Fires Back At Accusations of Racism

Last week the owner of Don Giovanni Records, Joe Steinhardt, made a public comment calling for Recess Records and Asian Man Records to “completely disassociate with sexist, racist, and homophobic punk bands like The Queers and Screeching Weasel.” The event was triggered by Joe Queer’s support for Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on his personal […]

10 New Records That You Need To Jump On Now

Every other week I write micro blurb reviews of amazing new music. Below’s the latest batch of music that you need to check out. Emil Friis – Sand In Your Eyes Emil Friis wrote the title track “Sand In Your Eyes” as a song for a movie soundtrack. The process led him to an odyssey that […]

18 Recent Life Changing Albums

Over the course of the last 2 months I’ve been jotting down the names of bands and releases that have grabbed my attention and gone totally unnoticed by the general public. Below are eighteen* releases accompanied by micro reviews (in no particular order) that will change the lazy complaint of ” there isn’t any good music anymore” to “holy […]

TUFF GNARL Staffers Pick: The Top 10 Best Albums of the ’90s

For almost all of us, the 1990s was a beloved era comprised of equal parts awkwardness, conceit, hope, dejection, love, anger, fear and exuberance, and being as our staff at TUFF GNARL consists exclusively of impassioned melomaniacs who truly began to develop the musical tastes we’d carry into adulthood during this tumultuous last decade of […]

The Bugs “Missile To The Middle East”

This record is very different from the Bugs’ first self-titled 7 inch release. For starters the sequence of songs feel lazy at times. Also lacking are the amount of non politically correct songs. I mean Goin’ Down To Brown Town sounds like “classic” Bugs, but just one out of ten isn’t really fitting in with Bugs’ […]