Interview: Los Monkys – Colombia’s pop-punk saviors

Photo from the Monkys Facebook page. Los Monkys are a three-piece band that’s had success playing Screeching Weasel style Spanish pop-punk in their native Cali, Colombia. Drummer/vocalist Mario Parra Lalinde shot me an instant message saying that the band was going to be coming to Miami in early September. I quickly realized that they were going to be in […]

WWE Night of Champions: Two Enjoyable Pay-Per-Views in a Row!?

Well I’ll be damned. I was honestly expecting to be let down with this one as the last month went by. A fair amount of rematches from SummerSlam and recycled Raw matches? Sounds like a paying customers nightmare. Well, dare I say I rather enjoyed WWE Night of Champions? Here’s a breakdown of why it was […]

INTERVIEW: UK’s The Hip Priests Want to Fuck, Drink & Fuck You Up

Black Denim Blitz by The Hip Priests The Turbojugend way of life is pretty much non-existent in South Florida. The Miami chapter for example currently holds 7 members (yes, Turbojugends have chapters). My guess is that it’s way too cool a movement for such a flaky city like Miami. Don’t get me wrong, some people down here tear […]

SummerSlam 2014 Review: The Pay-Per-View We Deserved (*spoilers*)

Since Wrestlemania in April, there haven’t been any storylines that have culminated the way neither fans nor I thought they should. WWE consistently seemed to believe that fans had Alzheimer’s with the pumping out of watered down plots that held no real substance. Every year, SummerSlam is usually the turning point to set up for Royal […]

Return to Parts Unknown: A Farewell to the Ultimate Warrior

Rambunctious. Loose Cannon. Iconic. Whatever words you use to describe him, James Hellwig -better known as the Ultimate Warrior – was a larger than life personality both on and off camera. After 2 and a half years in smaller promotions and WCCW, Hellwig made it to WWF (now WWE). He debuted as Dingo Warrior in […]

The Couch vs. The Arena: Is Watching WWE Live Worth It?

  With the product that hits our TVs every Monday, Friday and once a month on a Sunday from WWE, there is a debate on whether or not it is worth attending live WWE events or just enjoying the show from the comfort of home. Recently, I attended Monday Night Raw live at the American Airlines Arena […]

Straight to the Main Event: An Ode to the Part Time Wrestler

Over the past decade or so, the world of professional wrestling has changed. It’s no longer the top of the mountain when you make it to WWE. Now, due to side ventures like WWE Studios, wrestlers have the ability to break out and become stars outside of the profession. Not all wrestlers have the acting […]

The Million-Dollar Interview: My 1-on-1 with Ted DiBiase

Over the July 4th weekend, I had the honor and privilege of sitting down with a man who could easily be considered one of the best heels in wrestling history, Ted DiBiase. What was originally slated as a 15-20 min interview grew seamlessly into a conversation that spanned over two hours about everything I could […]

UFC Roundup: Analyzing Every Title Challenger (Part 2)

Alright folks, it’s been exactly one week since I began opining on the state of the UFC and its title pictures. In the first installment, we examined the women’s bantamweight division and the men’s flyweight and bantamweight categories and, suffice it to say, things looked outright grim for each class’ respective next title hopefuls, with no […]

10 Questions With Powerhouse Pop Punker – Kurt Baker

Musician and all-around exceptional guy, Kurt Baker, is truly a man of mystery. As the founder and vocalist for Portland, Maine’s pop-punk sensation The Leftovers, Baker was seen as one of the few leading lights in an aging and dying pop-punk community. When the Leftovers disbanded in 2010, Baker went solo and a Hell of a lot of […]