It’s a real shame that Hollywood dismisses independent filmmakers because they’re not rich, elitist or “pretty” as them with their shitty facelifts and sag-away boob jobs. Any filmmaker worth a shit will tell you that it takes plenty of grit, know how and passion to tell a good story on zero budget utilizing art’s most expensive canvas. The film Swamp […]

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A  Video Playlist of All The Bands Playing Saturday September 20th! Presents… Night of Rock & Roll Debauch! is an event that our staff have been considering since early May to celebrate our first anniversary of existence. Churchill’s Pub’s own in-house promoter Nayra Serrano was kind enough to let us toy with the evening of September 20th and we took it. It’s […]

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The 6 Most Completely Bizarre YouTube Videos Ever

The internet is an ocean of commerce, craziness, information, sex and depravity. Since its widespread adoption during the mid ‘90s, it has been duly shaped into what we always expected it would be: a carnival mirror of the human condition, reflecting in equal parts our greatest attributes and our most repulsive characteristics. When William Gibson coined the term “cyberspace” in […]

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INTERVIEW: Matt Hutchison from Self Destructo Records

I first heard of Self Destructo Records when Abel Folgar reviewed the fantastic Primitive Sounds for a Modern World by Jonny & the Depressives earlier this year. Since then, the label has not stopped dropping amazing records. Founded by Matt Hutchison and Chuck Maple in 2013, the label’s aesthetics and roster owe a lot to DIY punk rock ethics and succeeds by engaging […]

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