5 Worst Records of 2015 So Far


Every other week I write micro blurb reviews of amazing new music. Below is the total opposite of that. Horribly dreadful albums that you need not bother listening to.

Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor

Manson-Pale-EmperorThree songs into this album and you realize that Nicki Minaj is scarier and more appalling than anything Marilyn Manson can write or do in his later years. It’s a sad day indeed.

Bread of Life Quartet – March On

march on

Phil Spector may have created the wall of sound that elevated music for bands like The Beatles and Ike & Tina Turner, but the group Bread of Life Quartet invented a new pop formula of converting heathens with the aid of used ­car salesmen signing evangelical country songs. The fact that God didn’t stop this album from being released should make it clear that either the man upstairs has left the building or he wasn’t there at all.

Tropikal Forever- Puro Merenguetal


Merengue meets Iron Maiden.  Holy mother of god this is awesomely bad.

Septicopyemia – Masterpussies of Gore


If you like cookie monster metal whose songs sound exactly the same then I suggest Russia’s Septicopyemia.

Enjoy – Punk Planet

punk planet

Technology has made the process of recording music a fairly easy endeavor for anyone with a $200 laptop and a shitty microphone to record an “album” and a lot has been said about how this is a good thing for fans and musicians alike. “Punk Planet” single-handedly discredits the merits of that point of view.

**UPDATE (01/23/2015 2:55PM EST): Various readers have pointed out that I had given the previous incarnation of Enjoy (a band by the name of The Garden) a good review. What the hell does that even mean? If you release what I consider a good album that I feel people will dig I’ll commend you for it. If I feel that your record sounds like a lazy effort I’ll call you out  on that too. Sorry we don’t play favorites here at TuffGnarl.com. You’re thinking of Pitchfork.** 

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