The 7 beers you need to drink this spring

The weather is warming, trees are blooming and the birds are chirping. Spring is here. With that said, this is the perfect time to get your hands on some of the season’s best-brewed beers! So let’s spring forward to the first beer.


Beer #1 – Bell’s Oberon

The first beer you’ve got to try before spring ends is Bell’s Oberon. Hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan this beer is made in the style of a wheat ale and comes in with a solid 5.8% alcohol by volume (ABV). This beer pours out a bright shade of gold. With a slight aroma of fruit you can definitely taste it and a bit of hops in this classic brew.

Bell's Oberon, 5.8% ABV. (Photo credit:
Bell’s Oberon, 5.8% ABV. (Photo credit:


Beer #2 – Cigar City Florida Cracker

Whenever I make a beer list I always make sure to include a locally found beer and this one is a spring favorite, even though it is brewed year round. Named after the early Florida settlers and cattle drivers who would crack their whips to keep their cattle in line. This beer is made in the style of a Belgian white ale also known as a witbier. The beer pours out a pale yellow color with an ABV of 5.5%. You can definitely taste the wheat in this beer with bits of citrus that creep in.

Cigar City Florida Cracker, 5.5% ABV. (Photo credit:
Cigar City Florida Cracker, 5.5% ABV. (Photo credit:


Beer #3 – Stone Brewing IRS (Imperial Russian Stout)

One thing that you have to take care of every year during spring is your taxes with the IRS. Maybe this is the reason why Stone Brewing annually releases their Imperial Russian Stout (IRS) or maybe because the beer tastes a little better when it warms up like the temperature. As the name states, this beer is an imperial Russian stout with an ABV of 10.6%, meaning this is not a beer you’d want to chug. The beer pours out black with an aroma of smoky, almost roasted malt with chocolate and a taste to match.

Stone Brewing IRS, 10.6% ABV. (Photo credit:
Stone Brewing IRS, 10.6% ABV. (Photo credit:


Beer #4 – Southern Tier Mokah

Keeping with the darker side of the last beer I’d definitely have to recommend Southern Tier Mokah. As this beer is a mixture of two of Southern Tier’s imperial stouts, Jahva and Choklat, it’s a chocolate lover’s dream. Being an imperial stout this beer is going to also have a decent ABV, which it does, coming in at 10%. The beer pours out dark brown and smells very syrupy with lots of chocolate. The taste is phenomenal.

Southern Tier Mokah, 10% ABV. (Photo credit:
Southern Tier Mokah, 10% ABV. (Photo credit:


Beer #5 – Magic Hat #9

The fifth beer on my list is probably one that you’ve had or at very least have heard of before, Magic Hat #9. Now I know that this will make some eyes roll, especially those of the craft beer snob, but this is a solid beer. This is a popular gateway craft beer because it’s readily available at most grocery stores. Though considered a fruit beer it does have a close taste to a pale ale. The taste is sweet like that of apricots with a little bite due to the hops. The beer pours out translucent amber while having an ABV of 5.1%.

Magic Hat #9, 5.1% ABV.(Photo credit:
Magic Hat #9, 5.1% ABV.(Photo credit:


Beer #6 – Founders KBS

The penultimate beer on my list is a bit harder to find to due its popularity, Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout or more simply as KBS. It is a bourbon barrel aged Founders Breakfast Stout, which by itself is a great beer to have. KBS is an imperial stout and packs a whopping 11.2% ABV. The beer pours out a shade of dark brown with a good smell of coffee and sweetness due to the bourbon barrel aging. And not only does the beer smell sweet it also tastes sweet because of the barrel aging. I found that I’ve also tasted chocolate, coffee and even vanilla in the beer.

Founders KBS, 11.2% ABV. (Photo credit:
Founders KBS, 11.2% ABV. (Photo credit:


Beer #7 – Oskar Blues Gubna

The final beer you need to drink this spring is Oskar Blues Gubna. As the only IPA on the list I’d recommend this one anytime you can find it! Not only is it an IPA, India pale ale, it’s an imperial IPA. Meaning it’s got double the punch. The beer pours out a very bright gold and comes with an ABV of 10%. Upon opening the beer you can smell the aroma, which is very citrusy, and upon taste the citrus continues except to a lesser extent but there’s a taste of malt and rye.

Oskar Blues Gubna, 10% ABV. (Photo credit:
Oskar Blues Gubna, 10% ABV. (Photo credit:


While we’re already half way through spring make sure you go ahead and grab a few of these for yourself and a few friends. You won’t be disappointed!





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