The 7 weirdest things on eBay right now

The internet can be a very, very strange place but to really peer into the internet’s craziness one needs not look any further than the “Everything Else” category on eBay. Here are this week’s top 7 weirdest finds.

The skeletal remains of a fairy

I’d love nothing more than to buy this and run around Disney World screaming “No Tinkerbell’s dead!! Why Tink?! Why?!?” as I wave her skeletal remains in front of unexpecting children.

Dafuq Victorian gothic vampire doll

Jesus, what the fuck is this thing?!? Straight from the nightmarish hell that is Richmond, Virginia. You can add this creepy doll to your collection for the low, low price of only $24.99.

A vintage butt tissue dispenser

I don’t know about you butt I think this thing is pretty great. Wah-wah.

A day in the life of a golden retriever

The fact that some shit head in Idaho thinks that texting or emailing pictures of their dog throughout a day merits a starting bid of one dollar is beyond me. Seriously, are people this fucking stupid? How about you paypal me $2 and I’ll mail you a pube?

The $50 paperclip

There’s a dude on eBay selling a standard paperclip for $50. According to him someone tried to buy it and he talked them out of it. Why would you that?! Take the fiddy and run!

A rusted out spaceship

Wanna get high in a space ship? Are you up to date on your tetanus shots? Got a pickup truck? If you answered yes to any of those questions and know where the hell Leesburg, Florida is, then you’re in luck, as you can buy this super sweet motherfuckin’ space ship for $1,300.

Michael Jackson ventriloquist dummy

To think that Michael Jackson LIVES through a ventriloquist dummy… It’s like the child molestation charges aren’t even the creepiest part about him anymore.

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Chuck Livid

Chuck Livid hails from Miami, Florida. He ran a zine in the '90s called Muddy Chaos but is best known for his work on Livid Records. Chuck now lives in Boca Raton, Fl with illustrator wife Helena Garcia and their son Nico. He founded and on occasion hosts the music podcast - Another Music Podcast for Jolt Radio.

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