The Jellyfish Brothers – Sentinels of the Space Age


The Alvarez brothers gel well, like jellyfish brothers should. Greg and Ed, guitar and drums respectively have had a clear vision of where they would like to be sonically and with the addition of Shroud Eater’s Janette Valentine on bass and vocals, the dimensions are only beginning to be explored. Following their delicious cassette release Bloom with the six song EP Sentinels of the Space Age, they continue their mythos of surf-tinged punk rock with the droning élan of a little sludge, echo-y desperation and translucent paranoia.

Where Bloom is decidedly the cheerier of the two efforts, on this release you’ll find the unit working in a better tandem. The space age has been upon us for a while now and it is up to a trio from Miami to stand sentinel on its galaxy expanding deployment.

Horselover Fat is certainly bizarre enough to guide anyone through a Dante-esque journey, but on their take of the VALIS canon, it’s almost tongue-in-cheek to not assert a certain Dominican-ness via the teachings of Juan Luis Guerra, Johnny Ventura and the visceral poet of down-trodden Latino nerd dreams Junot Diaz. The result is a song tie-in to K. Dick’s consciousness that evolves into the fire and certainly becomes consumed by air. It’s a lofty song with enough chunk to keep you head-bopping along.

On “Edge of the World” the sci-fi guns truly come out with the febrile temptation of a Theremin’s electricity. A solid backbeat cruises it at a quick clip and it is within the tension of the lower ends that the gut punch resides. “LHC” is space punk rock with resting on the vibrations of a cymbal’s abuse; that it is followed by the peppy necessity of “Speed Tribes” centralizes the middle of the EP in a seamless fashion.

“Gestures of Science” is their longest one here clocking a little over the six minute mark and by my measure, their longest composition committed to tape for consumption. It is as operatic as they get and they show a sense of dramatic effect. Hopefully some longer jams of this nature will feature in their recorded futures, certainly my repeat fave on this effort. The closer, “Space Station” is airy and lofty, two words I think are apt descriptions of the EP overall, for while they might not be exploring the expanses of the ocean here, outer space is just as mysterious to the layman.

Their matching sailor outfits are cute; but don’t sleep on this and their other album. This is savory rock and roll for South Florida’s magnanimous sun. Pick their stuff up here.

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