The Miami Dolphins from Minneapolis, You Be the Judge

I’ve always thought it great fun to troll Bandcamp and Soundcloud for cool new tunes and for fun “searching.” A while back I put “Miami” into Bandcamp and while most of the results were what you’d expect (cocaine-hazed discotheque numbness) this one caught my eye. Not for its LoFi garage punk jangle, but because these guys and gal have the audacity to spread their cheer throughout the tundra of Minnesota calling themselves The Miami Dolphins. We’ve got their Capri Sun right here. Maybe next time I’ll search for “hookers with toddlers.” Or “large bullies.”

Check out these offerings from their three EPs on the site. Send them postcards of your feet in the warm sand.


the Miami Dolphins by the Miami Dolphins

Capri Sun by the Miami Dolphins

neon and foam by the Miami Dolphins

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Abel Folgar

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