The Shape of Indie Wrestling to Come: A Preview of Ronin Pro Wrestling

Edward Malken performs a belly to back suplex | Photo: Speedy Productions

Edward Malken performs a belly-to-back suplex. | Photo: Speedy Productions

Back in July, I had the privilege of having full access to the men and ladies of Florida Super Championship Wrestling (FSCW) for a weekend. FSCW, which solely performs at Florida Supercon-ran events, was starting a new promotion in South Florida in which wrestlers and a few surprise guests were being brought together with the idea to put on major shows in an indie promotion. Now, just a few months later, it looks like everything that was in discussion to make it the biggest and best South Florida promotion is coming to fruition and it has this wrestling fan excited.

On Saturday September 27th, 2014, Ronin Pro Wrestling will launch in style at the Miami Airport Convention Center. Living up to the goals they set of creating a great product, storyline, and experience for all ages, Ronin will be launching with a Fan Fest before their 3-hour premiere event.

Shawn Prime viciously pummels his opponent | Photo: Speedy Productions

Shawn Prime viciously pummels his opponent. | Photo: Speedy Productions

Utilizing their abilities gained through years of putting together great events in South Florida like Florida Supercon and Animate! Miami, Ronin has really raised the bar without even having their first event. A talented active Ronin roster boasting the likes of Alex Chamberlain, Jonny Vandal, Edward Malken and Shawn Prime will be accompanied by Rob Van Dam, Al Snow, Tommy Dreamer, Rhino and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, not only for Fan Fest, but for in ring action as well.

The match card is already highlighted by matches between Malken and former WWE wrestler Al Snow, Frank Stone and Alex Chamberlain, and the very recently announced Shawn Prime vs. Tommy Dreamer, which promises to be a slug-fest. Accompanying those are triple threat tag team matches, two women’s matches and a few good old fashioned one-on-one displays of great wrestling.

Through social media and their website, Ronin put this event into works long before we first previewed it in July. Much like their involvement in the aforementioned conventions, a lot of careful planning and pandering to the wants and expectations of the wrestling fans in South Florida is what is going to help set them apart from other promotions in the area like CCW, FEW and D1PW, just to name a few.

Alex Chamberlain delivers a vicious DDT | Photo: Speedy Productions

Alex Chamberlain delivers a p0werful DDT. | Photo: Speedy Productions

One thing is for sure: the event will definitely be a big boost to the indie wrestling community. Ronin is living up to the expectations they have set for themselves since day one: “to change the landscape of wrestling in South Florida, Florida, and Beyond. That is our mission statement. That is our goal.”

Ronin Pro Wrestling is scheduled to occur on September 27th 2014 at the Miami Airport Convention Center.
Match Card (Subject to Change):

Shawn Prime vs. Tommy Dreamer
Frank Stone vs. Alex Chamberlain
Edward Malken vs. Al Snow
Leva Bates vs. Dynamite Didi
Frenemies vs. T.E.C.H. vs Fanboys (triple threat tag team match)
Solo Darling vs Justine Silver
Eddie Graves vs Jonny Vandal
El Protagonista vs Jack Zero

Ronin Pro Wrestling flyer for September 27th

Ronin Pro Wrestling flyer for September 27th.

Tickets and Additional information can be found here.

Photos courtesy of Speedy’s Productions.

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