The Taxman Cometh and He’s a Clean Up Kind of Guy


This is the type of story we know will get the vitriol up front and the actual help later. Because that’s how Miami does it. The skinny of the issue, without prying into the reasons too much, is that beloved Miami musical icon Clarence “Blowfly” Reid owes the tax man some money. Has Reid been the savviest of investors? No. Did he manage his monies well? No. What about all those royalties he earned throughout the years? We don’t think Clarence even knows the answer to that.

There will be some who’ll say Clarence spent too much time at the Jai Alai fronton or they’ll go for the easy target of his drummer Tom Bowker because they still harbor some resentment dating back to a show in ’93. Whatever. Reid wasn’t the best at handling the business side of things like it’s been documented in a few films but he needs the help right now. Questions can be asked later, shit, maybe he’ll even parody himself and write a song about it.

What we do know, is that we live in a world where some idiot decided he was too good to make a potato salad for a picnic and was able to raise 50 grand for his troubles. Reid only needs 11.

“R. Kelly in Cambodia”

Here’s a statement from his Indie Go Go page: “I am Clarence Reid, Blowfly. I am the godfather of Hip Hop, The Original Dirty Rapper and the Inventor of the Miami Soul Sound. I starred in the movie “The Weird World of Blowfly” I need your help so I can save my house from the Miami-Dade Tax Collector. They have a sale in place that would sell my house for $8699.33 to two banks. That is roughly 1/10 of what my house is worth. If they sell it, I will be homeless on September 4. I have asked for $11,000 as that will cover the 10% fee to indiegogo and part of the upcoming year’s tax and the expenses incurred making and sending out the perks. If we exceed our goal, all additional funds will go into an escrow account and to hire a lawyer so this never happens again.”

We too wonder, where o where are his musical “friends” of the last 50 years? Friends like The Jurassic 5, Beyoncé, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg, you know, the friends who like to sample his work and give shout outs on camera to prove their musical knowledge. Oh well. Some of the package perks, which range from ten bucks to $5000 (a private Blowfly show) have some nice offers. You can get an LP of the latest album Black in the Sack, t-shirts, original Blowfly masks and for $500, our favorite one, you can get a song made about your loved/hated ones that will have the full ‘Fly treatment.

“Porno Freak”

Blowfly and company will be touring between the 7 and 18 of August and the funding campaign will go until September 3 at midnight. So far, he’s been able to raise over to $7000 of the intended goal.

Consider helping the man and donate here.

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