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Hey everyone today I have a special treat for you guys, an interview with a top DC comics writer Tim Seeley hope you enjoy.

What made you want to be a comic book writer and artist?
I never really considered doing anything else. This was the only job I wanted.

If you could write any DC or Marvel character who would be?
I really have done the big ones that I’ve always wanted to write but I’d still love to do characters like He-Man, Spider-Man, RoboCop or Deadpool.

What was it like writing the character of Grayson for as long as you did and why do you like writing the character so much?
Well it’s fun just writing the character of being a kid who gets to grow up with Batman and eventually grow up to be a cool version of Batman.

You’re currently writing Green Lanterns and Hellblazer what made you want to write those books?
Well for Green Lanterns it was something outside of Gotham and not the lower street level superhero and something just different from what I’ve been doing and I can continue Sam Humphreys buddy cop story. Hellblazer because Constantine is a great character. I’ve always wanted to write an antihero like him. He is fun to write because he screws everything up and almost always picks the worst possible choice.

Nick Joseph with Tim Seeley.

What is your favorite superhero movie or tv show?
I’m not really up-to-date on the TV shows but all the Marvel movies are consistently good. I really love the Tim Burton Batman movies.

Where do you see the comic book industry going and where do you see your career in the future?
I think more people want complete stories so I could see things shifting towards for graphic novels but they’ll always be comic books either in web books or things like that. I don’t think comics will ever die out and for myself it’s hard to say– things are always changing in the industry but for now I’m keeping myself busy.

If you could write any comic book TV show or movie what would be?
I have to say anything to do with Dick Grayson. Maybe not Nightwing but just Grayson as a character or She-Hulk. I’ve always loved her.

So far in your career what are you most proud of?
I’m really proud of my Flash run and Grayson.

What are you the least proud of or feel you could’ve done better?
There was a book I did for Vertigo that I feel was maybe a bit too weird. It’s called Effigy and there was a Wonder Woman Steve Trevor story I did that I feel I really didn’t stick the landing on.

Who are some other comic book creators you enjoyed collaborating with?
I really enjoy working with Tom King on Grayson and Mike Norton or Imaginary Fiends.

If you were in charge of the Marvel or DC what would be the big change you would try to make?
Honestly I’d just try and make books more accessible because that’s the only way to get new readers.

Are there any other projects you have coming up that you want to talk about?
None that I can really talk about. I will say that I’m working on something where I get to combine two things I love but for now I’m just working on Green Lanterns, Hellblazer and Imaginary fiends and that’s more than enough for now.

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