Every other week I write micro blurb reviews of amazing new music and records. Below is the latest batch of music that you need to check out.

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The Isotopes – 1994 World Series Champions

(Stomp Records)

The Isotopes make me wanna blow this Trump popsicle stand and move to the great white north. I’d happily swap the Miami Marlins for the Vancouver Canadians any day of the week. But seriously how the fuck does this band consistently get better record after record? So far “1994 World Series Champions” is my pick for album of the year.

Tracks I dug: “Legend Of George Brett” , “Sandlot Party” ,”What We Do Ain’t Secret”

Cloaca -Dysphemism

This EP is required listening. Amazing all the way through.

Tracks I dug: “Tranimorphs (Or Gender Beasts?)” , “Too Much on my Hate (All the Portions are Very Small)” , “Das Krapital”

M.D.C. / The Antidon’ts – Split 7″

(Swamp Cabbage Records)

Take one of the most influential punk bands of the last 30+ years and put them on a split 7″ with one helluva amazing newer band and you’ve got this split and man does this thing not disappoint. It’s great to see how relevant M.D.C. still is and how The Antidon’ts make punk rock fun again.

Tracks I dug: “Make America Think Again” , “No Trump No KKK No Fascist USA”

Zodiac Panthers – I Don’t Gotta, But I’m Gonna, Cause I Wanna! (EP)

(Dude Cat Records)

Garage rock from North Carolina rooted deeply in ‘70s NYC punk rock. Reminds me at times of the Dead Boys and I don’t throw that comparison out there lightly. This is so good.

Tracks I dug: “I Don’t Gotta, But I’m Gonna, Cause I Wanna!” , “Killing Floor”

The Chinchees – S/T

(Dirt Cult Records)

Catchy tight as fuck lo-fi sign along anthems from Minneapolis. What’s not to like.

Tracks I dug: “Gosling Days”, “Your Life is a Waiting Room”, “You’re Gonna Get Stung”

The Hathaways – In the Meantime

Pop punk Ramonescore from Japan pulled off well. I’m a sucker for this stuff. I do wish it had more than 3 songs though.

Track I dug: “Not Social Anymore”

MARCH – Stay Put

(White Russian Records)

In your face Dutch punk rock. This technically came out in 2016 but it’s just made its way Stateside now so I’m including it because it’s a solid release that deserves your attention.

Tracks I dug: “Head Shears” , “Such A Drag” , “Stand In Line”

James Britt – Small Guitar Pieces

Britt strikes gold with this collection of short avant-garde guitar arrangements. Truly mesmerizing.

Tracks I dug: “November”

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