VIDEO EXCLUSIVE- “Heebie Jeebies” by Scotland’s St. Kilda Mailboat

First off, who is St. Kilda Mailboat?
St. Kilda Mailboat are two cultural pirates. We built our boat in Slovakia and sailed it to Scotland. Now we’re planning to sail it to Florida, so beware!

You all seem very well choreographed in your videos (i.e. Heebie Jeebies, Crab Dance). How do you train for such magical ninja skills?
In Scotland it rains a lot, so we spend most of our time indoors dancing in front of mirrors.

What’s the worst thing about Scotland?
The rain, but then again it gives us the chance to hone our ninja skills.

Would you consider licensing your music to Duck Dynasty?
We’d never heard of Duck Dynasty, so we checked it out. It would be bizarre if our music was licensed for the show, so yes we would, but then again I like ducks, so maybe no.

What 3 bands most influenced your sound?
For me it’s probably Chuck D, Ivor Cutler and John Cooper Clarke. For Claire it’s The Shangri-las, Devo and Moondog.

How is your label, Glint Recordings treating you? You can be honest. They’re not going to read this.
Extremely well! We feel proud to be on Glint. And last Christmas we received a homemade, curry-scented candle from Iain (Mr Glint).

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