VIDEO GAME REVIEW: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

New exoskeleton, new weapons and a new game. (Photo credit:

New exoskeleton, new weapons and a new game. (Photo credit:

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare–the 11th installment in the Call of Duty series published by Activision and developed by Sledgehammer Games for nextgen gaming consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and High Moon Studios for (PS3 and Xbox 360)– begins with you as a newly minted Marine from the year 2054 and partnered with your best friend. With an extremely brief glimpse of advanced war machines and weaponry you begin the game in South Korea as you try to repel an invasion from North Korea and immediately you’re thrown into the shit. This game gives you a bit of a far out or almost sci-fi vibe. But it’s not so far out that it has the feel of other first person shooters like Halo.

As always, the game has your basic modes like Campaign or Story Mode, Multiplayer and Exo Survival (which is a co-op mode where you and your team face off against increasingly difficult waves of enemies).

After co-creating Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer Games created their own in-house gaming engine specifically for this edition of the franchise. And boy, does it show! It feels and looks closer to life than any of the previous games, with the environment coming alive.

Another thing that I like about Advanced Warfare are the weapon loadout options. The game includes your standard classes of weapons including assault rifles, submachine guns and sniper rifles, but AW adds specialized weapons that you can earn and play with in Multiplayer mode. My favorite are the fully automatic akimbo assault rifles, because who doesn’t want to go Rambo every now and then?

Akimbo weapons (Photo credit:

Akimbo weapons (Photo credit:

One of my favorite new features of the game is the firing range. You can access this feature in Multiplayer mode when you’re creating or modifying one of your weapon payloads. This feature lets you to fire your weapons against moving targets, which will then help you fine tune your weapon loadout.

A Call of Duty favorite that has returned in Advanced Warfare is the emblem feature in Multiplayer mode. Personally, I love this because it adds a bit of you to the game. Once created, your emblem is placed on your weapons and various locations over your character/avatar.

I rank games based on the following five areas: graphics, plot, music, gameplay and replayability.

With an in-house gaming generator, Sledgehammer has picked up the slack that last year’s Call of Duty release didn’t. Things look amazing in this game like running water or walking through a hanging plastic strip door, you know, like the ones you see in walk-in refrigerators!

The beauty of this game is twofold, with the first being the plot/fun factor. Right off the bat you get a moment where you’re like, “OH SHIT!!!” Advanced Warfare is fun on all fronts. The Campaign is what you’d come to expect from the series but the gold medal goes to Multiplayer mode. Not the best CoD player out there? Fear not, the multiplayer servers put you into games based on your ability and gamer level so you’re not consistently getting killed.

Going prone behind opjects can give you time to heal or reload. (Photo credit:

Going prone behind objects can give you time to heal or reload. (Photo credit:

The sound is what you’d expect for a game like this. If you happen to have surround sound the game becomes alive. You can hear other players running and shooting behind you, grenades and bombs going off, and warning sirens of every nature, it is great!

The controls are your run-of-the-mill controls for a first person shooter and remains the same for past CoD games, which makes picking up this game a cinch. The gameplay itself is smooth and not choppy. It can be a little buggy sometimes, like when you land on a higher platform. New to this game is the ability to land safely after jumping or falling from great heights and jumping or leaping great distances thanks to enhancements of your characters exoskeleton.

The replayability of this game is the other beauty. There are countless ways in which you can play. Either try the campaign mode again but on a higher difficulty.

Maybe you’re not big on campaign mode, so give multiplayer a try. There are 11 multiplayer games to choose from like Team Deathmatch, Free -for-all, Domination, Capture the Flag and Kill Confirmed. Multiplayer games range from just a few players to 18 players on a map!

I’d have to say that this game is solid on all fronts. This is what a nextgen first person shooter should be. So if you’re on the fence about picking it up I say go ahead and splurge! And if you pick up a copy for Xbox One and wanna get merked, you can find me by my handle @thebiglibrarian.

Jumping with your exoskeleton let's you cover more distance. (Photo credit:

Jumping with your exoskeleton let’s you cover more distance. (Photo credit:

(Slider image credit:

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