REVIEW: The Wombombs “S/T” EP


The Wombombs debut five track self-titled EP is not what I was expecting. George Thorogoodish blues rock meets doo-wop vibes thrown in with solid songwriting and phenomenal guitar & sax work. Having followed the band since their inception slightly over a year ago I was pleasantly surprised by the discs’ “big band” sound. I underestimated the genius and vision of singer/guitarist Andrew Pino’s songwriting abilities. With the help of Fuzz Baby Records head honcho Rob Kingsley engineering this masterpiece of an EP the band loses that Tarantino/’s shine that was evident in their earlier single Fukushima Fishnets proving that the Wombombs are one of most dynamic solid groups in South Florida of the last five years.

The Good: A solid hors d’oeuvres of songs that’ll make you want to hear more from the band.

The Bad: Vocals on “Year of the Troll” could’ve been a little louder/less muffled. I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel folks. This record is the tits.

The Ugly: The lack of previous singles – Out of Touch and Fukushima Fishnets

Best tracks: Quicksand, Chameleona

Catch The Wombombs’ CD release show Friday August 3rd at Las Rosas in Miami. Info at:

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Chuck Livid

Chuck Livid hails from Miami, Florida. He did a zine in the '90s called Muddy Chaos and is best known for his work with independent music label Livid Records. Chuck lives in Boca Raton, Fl with his wife illustrator Helena Garcia and their son Nico. He founded and hosts's official music podcast - Another Music Podcast which is available on iTunes & Google Play

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