EVENT REVIEW: Wynwood Brewing First Anniversary Party

This past weekend Wynwood Brewing held its one year anniversary and also its first special bottle release during a block party. Located in the heart of Wynwood, nestled on 24th street between I-95 and NW 5th avenue, the brewery celebrated its first birthday the best way possible, by pouring and serving plenty of delicious brews. There was great beer, yummy food and good people.

There were several special beers on tap that day other than their core “Big 3.”  Some of the specials included El Infante (a barrel aged wheat wine), Death of Elvis (a peanut butter, banana and bacon porter), Hazelnut Cup of Jose (a hazelnut barrel aged Cup of Jose, which is a collaborative coffee porter Wynwood made with coffee beans from Panther Coffee) and San Francisco (a bourbon barrel aged Father Francisco, a Belgian blonde ale).

Also making an appearance were beers from several other local breweries including Cigar City Brewing, Funky Buddha Brewing, Due South Brewing, MIA Brewing Co. and others.

That old adage, “The early bird gets the worm,” was not particularly true here. Specialty beers and other highly sought out ones were released on an hourly basis, open to close. This is common for breweries to do to ensure that all the specialty beers aren’t tapped out in the first hour.

The other half of the party was Wynwood’s first special bottle release, El Infante. It’s named after a ship that attempted to sail from Cuba to Europe but was shipwrecked off the Florida Keys. Being a wheat wine it is similar to a barleywine but with much more wheat malt. Then it’s aged in French Oak Petite Syrah barrels for over six months!

The beer is tasty with lots of wood notes and hints of oak. There isn’t much carbonation but it is full of flavor. In my opinion, the taste is closer to a wine than you would expect from a conventional beer. One of the things I liked most about the bottle is that they were all wax capped and numbered.

If you weren’t able to attend the block party you truly missed out, but fear not because you can still visit the brewery, open daily except Monday, and try some of their other special brews on tap.



Wynwood Brewing

Wynwood Brewing

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