Young Musicians’ Annual Fundraiser this Friday at the Light Box in Wynwood

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Sammy Gonzalez might best be known to our locals and beyond as Jacobs Ladder’s bass player. However, to South Floridians and the musical future of our youth, Sammy has been instrumental in developing the Young Musicians Organization which aims ” to enrich the lives of children and youth by providing free after-school music programs to schools with limited or no music programs. Our goal is to reach as many children and youth as possible and provide an opportunity for the study of music not otherwise available.”
That is a great thing since South Florida’s political blindness routinely chops up and cancels such programs from the public school system as a means to alleviate their dwindling budgets (re: line their politicking pockets with even more money from the public trust).
Friday, February 28th at 7:30 p.m. at the Light Box in Wynwood will be the setting for their annual fundraiser (30K and going strong with eyes on expanding their services to even more schools) and it will feature the sounds of Reckless Youth and DJ Papa Smoove Daddy with all proceeds helping fund and create after-school music programs.

Here’s a link to the Facebook event page. Gonzalez is a rare breed around these parts; part rock and roller, part classical guitar virtuoso and an all-around altruistic fellow who cares deeply about his community and who knows first-hand the importance of music in academic curricula. Please purchase a ticket for this event or consider donating to this worthy cause. As elected leadership fails, it will always fall upon the community to strengthen itself.

Donate here.


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