Your T-shirt Doesn’t Fit and it’s Ruining Your Life

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I know we’ve been talking about a more sophisticated look with the navy blazer and all, but let’s take a look at something that’s in every guy’s closet: the t-shirt. We all have them, in numbers. Now, how do we work this into our whole “Look like a grownup” thing, you ask? Take a look at your favorite t-shirt. Does it fit like this:

or maybe like this?

Chances are for most guys, who hold on to those t-shirts like dear friends, your favorite t-shirt doesn’t fit you well. Maybe you’ve recently lost weight or got that t-shirt when you were 15 and you’re pushing 35. Sorry to say it guys, but frame it, hand it down, or give it away; that shirt doesn’t fit. One should strive to make it look as much like this as possible:

As illustrated, the shoulder seams should hit at the “corner” your shoulder creates when your arms are at your sides. The body of the shirt should fit close, but not tight, and the length should not go below the fly of your pants.

We’ll get a bit more into “fit” next time, when the staffers show you good fit vs. bad fit!

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